Production credits

Director and Editor
Robert McMahon


Producer, writer and researcher
Ronald Rudin


Lars-Peter Bjornson


Location sound and audio mix
Jean Baptiste Vanhaelen


Jasmine St-Laurent


With thanks for the financial support of:
Concordia University
Faculty of Arts and Science
Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies
School of Canadian Irish Studies


Archival photographs courtesy of:
Library and Archives Canada
McCord Museum, Montreal
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
MultiText Project, Department of History, University College Cork


With thanks to:
Seamus Boyle
Victor Boyle
Graham Carr
Louis Chamberland
André Charbonneau
Gilles Dubord
Bill Eakin
Jean-Claude Fortin
Jon Fournier
Peter Gossage
Robert Grace
Patrice Groulx
Antoine Guillemette
Simon Jolivet
Michael Kenneally
Ruth Lysaght
Mike McCormack
Mary McDaid
Patrick McLaughlin
Colin McMahon
Feargal Ó Béarra
Éamon Ó Cuív
Lorraine O’Donnell
Marianna O’Gallagher
Gearoíd O’ hAllmhuraín
Donald Pidgeon
Jo-Anick Proulx
Michael Quigley
Bruce Stavert
Jacques Vézina
David Wilson